Hated Kid III Lorena Cuesta

Lorena Cuesta is another of my classmates. She was born in Barcelona 20 years ago but She has lived in Houdston for 15 years. She’s back in Barcelona again, but She’s a completely American girl.

T oday She’s wearing a comfy and informal outfit: biker leather jacket by Forever21, H&M jumper and a black overall. The necklace She’s wearing, called choker was of his mum when She was young.

Chokers were so popular in the 90s and now they are trendy again. In Spain all girls have them and wear them in different colours and forms, they looked as a tattoo in the neck or in the wrists.

Lorena is a cheerful girl and loves to play with hr clothes, She always wears different outfits and She usually combines black with vivid colours as a contrast and her hairstyles too. She loves fashion and has a blog too, a place where She gives her opinion of the latest fashion trends and catwalks.


Biker leather jacket by Forever 21

DSC_0037DSC_0048DSC_0043Follow her on Instagram : @lowraynah

Hated Kid III Lorena Cuesta

Hated Kid II Sergi Colomé

  Sergi Colomé is a photography student from IDEP. He’s 20 and has his own brand of clothes called SETZ since 2013. He studies photography but works as a photographer sometimes too. You can look his works  here.

Today he is wearing a basic outfit: blue cotton tshirt by Topman and skinny jeans. He told me that when He wears this tshirt, her mum always makes eggs for dinner and He (who is so clumpsy)  always stains herself with it.

Like a lot of boys who follow the trends but don’t consider themselves fashion victims, Sergi has a minimal style and doesn’t like to capture too much attention. He was a little bit shy while I was taking the pictures because He is used to be behind the camera not in front.

DSC_0100 DSC_0097 DSC_0096 DSC_0095




Folloe him on Instagram : @sergicolome

Hated Kid II Sergi Colomé

Hated kid I Anna Roig

Anna Roig is one of my classmates and the first of the Hated Kids project.

She studies Fashion Design like me, and would like to work in the industry of fashion like almost all of us, but She is not such an ambitious person, She doesn’t wanna become famous or rich Anna just likes fashion.

She loves music and the 60s. That fact is always reflected on what is She wearing. Anna is a completely fan of The Beatles and other singers as Neil Young

She is simple and natural: a little bit of make up, She wears his hair downn and not too many jewellery.

Today She is wearing a Vintage cardigan a mango shirt and skinny jeans. She says that this jacket is important to her because It’s unique, as almost all Vintage pieces today and is green like her favourite colour.

She found the paisley shirt in Mango, and when She found it, She couldn’t believe it!

This print is so typical from the late 60s and early 70s

This is an example of how we can combine Vintage so easily, and on the other hand, how big brands use the trends of the past to their clothes.

Anna Roig


Golden buttons as a detail of the cardigan
Paisley print in the Mango shirt

DSC_0084 DSC_0086 DSC_0090

Follow her on Instagram : @arsanna

Hated kid I Anna Roig

Welcome to all the hated kids

My name is Nagore Gonzalez and I’m a fashion student of 18 years old. I study in IDEP Barcelona.

Fashion has always been my first choice in  studies, I want to learn how to express my creativity in a piece of cloth, create collections and that people wear what I create.

I consider myself a kind of artist, art has always been surrounding me since when I was a little child. I love drawing, even If my drawings are not so real, I like to express my feelings though a piece of paper.

Music is another hobby I love. I couldn’t live a day without listening to it. I love al kind of music, MUSIC not sounds. I play the guitar.

I like to express my feelings though moving myself to the compass of the music too. Dancing is another thing that helps me to forget problems and just enjoy life. I dance hiphop, ballet and jazz.

My mind is full of things to say to the world. I want to enjoy life as much as I can and share my creativity though all the things that make me happy.


This blog is for the English subject of my University. In this blog I will  share the looks that my classmates wear and their stories behind what are their wearing.

The psicology behind what we wear today inspires me a lot. We are all different and even If we don’t plan it, we express our feelings through what are we wearing.

The hated kids project is for this, to share the stories of all those hated kids that use the lenguage of their clothes and enjoy just being themselves.

I’ve chosen this subject because I love the photos of Street Style, but I didn’t want to make ”just another Street Style blog’‘, I wanted togo further, sharing the looks of

people who is starting studying what they like, and will  have a brilliant future, I’m completely sure.

New talents are so important in those days, and I personally think that we must encourage them to keep going on what they like because they are the future.

Hope you enjoy.

Welcome to all the hated kids